Friday, 26 February 2010

First Blog - Writer's Wall Allready!

Currently sipping a slightly pastuerised yet traditionally clean and fruity; pale and bitter, light session supreme ale of Scotland - Harviestoun 'Bitter and Twisted'. Poured into glass and very springy hoppy summery beer this is. Completely incorrect for the weather but I am hoping for a little sunshine for the Welsh beer festival on Sunday at the Rake and even more sunshine for PRE-ZBF in Belgium on Thursday.

There in Belgium, I should be sipping ale, and dark matter substances with brewing supremo Urbain; the De Struise brewer, the Brew Dog team, De Molen, Thornbridge and other brewers. I am a little excited by this. Not only will some of the best brewers in the modern age be there but there will be a considerable amount of rarity on offer and a massively cool tastings during the evening by beer geek Joris P Pattyn.

This event will also see my first visit to the legendary beer bar the Kulminator where you can drink aged beer appropriately cellared and also modern treats but beers which are not that easy to acquire. Something very special indeed. I hope to tie this in with a trip to Cantillon on the Saturday but that could be wishful thinking. It's been a while since my last visit to a foreign brewery. That was U-FLEKU for their sole ale which you can only consume at the brewery.

Anyway this is going to see some of my ramblings; some beer reviews, some articles on new beers, some articles on debates and some record collecting and gig stuff. Films and other issues maybe posted in spite or in lust or just for the sheer damned hell of it.

I have been fortunate to chill out with a few of the most prominent bloggers in this country on beer - Pete Brown, Mark Dredge and Glyn Roberts, so I felt it was about time I contributed to the free media cause.

I am also out of work now and seeking to gain a greater understanding of the industry in which I one day hope ot be fully employed and fully involved in. Instead of a tasting guinnea pig for Brew Dog or a free marketing agent for De Struise which I have become recently. I'm not complaining though. I would love to market the finest craft beer and sample Brew Dog fresh off a vessel; preferably on Hebridean Princess. Especially now that I'm no longer responsible for providing it with its documentation.