Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Brewmasters: The Series - Episode One - Dogfish Head and Miles Davis' project

I watched it this morning.

It’s VERY discovery style orientated. Similar to the Motor City series but on craft beer.

It goes into the science; it follows the process and is basically a fast forward how to brew a new batch with the goofs and the mistakes thrown in for good measure. It’s well weighted and well paced with comedy and quirky elements which Sam pulls of well.

The rap song yes is a little annoying but it’s tv and Sam understands that some viewers need a break.

It’s a good show and I think it’s great for the exposure of a fantastic brand. I just hope the programme makers focus on other fantastic microbreweries such as Captain Lawrence; Great Divide, Stone and Alesmith.

It would be great to watch a different focus on world class breweries. If they need someone to take a camera around Europe I’m free!

Great for craft beer and great for learning on the core businesses.