Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Beer Tax Levy - my response. Also posted @ Brewdog's blog

I completely agree that 7.5% abv beers for increased tax is a bad idea. This is not focussing at all on the route of the problem

They blame beer every year yet always freeze spirits' duty. Why is this? Do they not realise that £5 vodka bottles are the real route of the mess of the alcoholicism which some people face?

Beer is always branded as an escape goat because education on beer is so poor in this country. They have their agendas confused and cross-wired and for CAMRA to jump into bed with this is disgusting.

A lot of pre-war beers were above 7.5% and this new tax will hurt breweries whom brew beers above that abv. To stifle that is disgusting. CAMRA are being hypocritical again about the industry and are ignoring imperial stouts and barely wines which are traditional and British and should be rewarded with production instead of condemned with an unfair tax levy.

The greed of the Government is disgusting. They see this is an easy option as a cash cow and are not focusing at all on why there is the problems which this country has To demolish £5 vodka bottles is a start. Make those £15+ and then you have a bitter situation. Beer is an escape goat and it's unjustified and pathetic.