Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Welsh beer festival

On Sunday, as promised, I commuted to the Welsh beer festival. Firstly a 40 minute wait for a bus. Secondly another bus from Chelmsford to Billericay then a train journey from Billericay to London Liverpool Street. Finally the walk to the Rake. A mental journey delaying me considerably for the tastings' event so I choose to stay in the beer tent instead.

Glyn, bar manager, put on a splendid bash. Lots of craft Welsh delights I've not found before, Boon 3 Year old on tap and some fantastic hop bomb called Motley also on tap. Food and beer combos were great. The oaky cheese went very well with the fabulous 'Purple Moose Dark Side Of The Moose/Ochr Tywyll Y Mws' (with Welsh translation). I also enjoyed the 'Purple Moose Snowdonia Ale/Cwrw Eryri' and a mild which was on and also the Otley Motley brew which only has 6 ratings on ratebeer!

I rated the Motley the highest.

Really solid brew. Fantastic malt experience. Really well balanced. Very cloudy coloured brew. Hops are dried fruits and citrusy. A bit of a bitter kick but a very good one. An impressive malt balance reminiscent of Crown’s famous IPA. An awesome brew. Thick sunkist orange texture which is a delight to get lost in. I found myself loosing track of the event just staring into the pleasure of the glass. Glyn mate thanks for the taster. Aroma is very solid but slightly musky. Otherwise killer brew. The taste is bang on 10. A real slow malty beer. Thanks, Glyn.

Then my thoughts for the Purple Moose Snowdonia.

An enjoyable session bitter with good hop measure. One of my favourites from the Welsh beer festival at the Rake. Light citrusy and hoppy, trying to blend an American IPA with an English bitter which kinda works but kinda fails. However just an enjoyable session bitter. I would like to try this again. An excellent session example and should be available more often then it is.

Finally signing off with the Purple Moose - Dark Side of the Moose (one of my new favourite ale names!).

A descent dark ale. Roasted malts; caramel. nutty biscuit texture and a dossage of dry fruits. I enjoyed this. Purple Moose are pretty hard to find but with this and Snowdonia I have to find their ranges more often. Thanks to Mario for the recommendation. A good beer.

My only problem having the mild which was scarly reminiscent of Baines' dark mild but with more character and more body but can't remember what it's called. I also discovered wonderful Welsh cheeses which left before I got a chance to buy some to take home! Also Welsh rarebit source is awesome. A culinary delight. Like a thick patte paste spread however with rabbit I assume instead of other meats. Truely devine.

I thoroughly enjoyed the festival; caught up with Mark Dredge, apologised profoundly to Mellisa for screwing up on the commute and somehow manage to miss Pete Brown despite being no more than a few yards away. Glyn I'm sorry I didn't remember the otehr ales I had and my time was withstricted. I hope to make it down on Wednesday to tidy up and get the name of the mild back.

Got to prepare tomorrow for PRE-ZBF which is close to be coming beer event of the year for me. I need to take some pictures this time. Try and get some whisky for Urbain of De Struise and meet world's peace at the Kulminator bar. I'm pretty excited as the beer porn will be through the roof. I will write up about the Kulminator experience. I will write about the festival and what beers I can attempt to bring home. I will also get back to tastings at home which is far easier than in a pub. Time to sign out.

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  1. On second rate review the Otley was sunkist orange in cloud which was gorgeous as a colour and fabulous to get lost in. Realy work of art that one.