Friday, 23 April 2010

Brewdog Abstrakt 001. My experience.

Keg - The White Horse - 22nd April 2010 (Edit me if I am wrong, Tom) This is a stunner. The yeast strain is evident in epic poportions. The taste is mindblowingly good. The caramel body against the Westy yeast strain is just a tour de force for the sensors exploding around my head. This is a limited beer however one of the better English quad attempts I’ve had and a true abbot quad at that. This deserves special honourable praise for doing. There is the yeast strain which is paramount for this but the actual body and the beer itself is so good. The drinkabilitiy for a beer this aggressive is utterly insane. It is so drinkable. The alcohol is not over the top nad it is nicely measured so fantastic result. This a Brewdog special and damn I want more.

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